Case modding for a Malawian music producer

Malawian music industry

In Malawi the costs to produce music is generally very high. New technology is only affordable for rich people. That's one of the reasons, why alot of the local music industry still relies on music cassettes. But the few machines to duplicate the cassettes that exist in the country are mostly owned by monopolies that control and keep the prices high.

Case design

Andrew Msiska, who runs a music management for local musicians asked me to bring him a CD duplicator machine from switzerland. There was one in the IT dept. of the ZHdK that was to be replaced by a DVD duplicator, that I could take. Because the duplicator was too heavy and too big to transport to Malawi I removed the controller and the cables to bring these to Andrew. The idea was to build a handmade case where tha controller and the CD recorders could be reassembled. Andrew asked some carpenders to build him a genuine african CD-duplicatior case and this work has turned out very nice.

Handmade stamps

For the front printing of the CDs we chose a genuine african idea as well. Therefor we asked local Malawian stamp makers to design stamps for each musician and CD titles. The stampmakers cut the designs out of tire rubbers and they turned out very nice as well. These realisation of these ideas caused that Andrews Music CD's got their very own an dunique style.