Lecturing at the Poyltechnic (University of Malawi)

The Polytechnic has some faculties in technical directions like mechanical engineering, architecture, information technology and cultural studies. About XXX students study in Blantyre, where the Polytechnic is situated. There are other colleges like the college of medicine (in Blantyre), the college of agriculture (in Lilongwe), the college (in Zomba) and the Kamuzu college of nursing (in Lilongwe).

The IT structure of the Polytechnic

When I arrived 2004 at the Polytechnic to my surprise I met some students of a local LUG group (called "R00T" and the "Linux chix"), that studied in IT. I was very glad to see, that most of the courses at the IT dept. were running on GNU/Linux Redhat systems. When I was introduced to Mister Maganizo Monawe, the Systemadministrator of the Polytechnic, he strongly outlined, that the applications and systems, that were installed on the servers werei GNU applications and Systems (such as GNU/Linux Redhat, iptables, apache, postfix, courier, squirrelmail). He further told me, that the servers were donated by some american NGO (HP & Microsoft funding) but that the systems were unmaintainable. (You should know, that especially african low bandwiths suffer because of Viruses and Spam, that heavily attack proprietary systems. Even the updates for proprietary anti-virus systems can not be downloaded because of they are only aplicable to western mesurements.) Therefore I assisted Mr Monawe with my know-how to maintain the systems and introduced him the squid proxy application, that helped to minimise the use of the bandwith of the University.

Talking to the IT students of the Polytechnic

My arrival at the Polyechnic was fastly recognised and after a short time I was asked, if I didnt't want to have some talks to the IT students about my project and letting some of my know-how flow over.