Martin Thawani & Alex Antener (cc-by-sa aa & nb)

Malawi Project 2004-2012

In 2004 during his studies, Alex Antener travelled for 7 month to Malawi, a small african country in east-central africa to teach on GNU/Linux. During his stay in 2004 he further assisted on the setup of the servers of the University of Malawi the Polytechnic, the local network and the client computers, that were totally migrated to GNU/Linux (free Software). During the elections, he blogged on his website on the election campaign.

Two years later, after he finished his studies in media arts at the University of applied sciences and arts in Zurich, Switzerland, he raised an other project for the Polytechnic. Antener contributed 25 thinclient computers and 2 powerful Servers that he brought to Malawi in october 2006. In colaboration with Martin Thawani, the librariarn of the Polytechnic he installed a thinclient network based on Edubuntu 6.10 LTS for the students at the Library of the Polytechnic, teached the local systemadinistrators and technicians how to run the system and lectured on Free Software at the IT dept.

Together with the artist manager Andrew Msiska he realised a case modding project for a CD duplicator machine. Malawian hackers and carpenters constructed a beautiful case, that Andrew uses to produce the music of local artists.


After college, Alex Antener did a aprentice in landscapeing. In 2001 he started studying graphic design at the University of applied sciences and arts in Lausanne and finished his studies in new media arts in 2005 at the University of applied sciences and arts in Zurich. He works at the informationtechnology dept. of the ZHdK in Zurich since 2004 and joined the core team of the Free Software Foundation Europe in 2006.